Course curriculum

  • 1

    Download these free resources to help your child on their way to loving a variety of foods

    • 5 day food diary - By writing down everything your child eats over a few days you will get a clear record of how much variety they are really eating.

    • How and why 5 day food diary

  • 2

    Planning is so important to making change. Use some or all of these templates to help you plan ahead.

    • meal and snack schedule

    • weekly Meal Planner

    • Ideas for using the weekly meal planner

    • 4 week challenge updated

  • 3

    Exploring new foods with your child

    • Words to help describe foods

    • Food Exploring Table - Does your child love to tick a box when they achieve a goal? Use this template to track their progress.

    • Tips for providing foods safely

  • 4

    Making Family Mealtimes fun

    • Family Mealtime Rules

    • How to make family mealtimes happen

    • Topics of conversation

    • Mealtime Roles